Fort Punta Christo, Croatia

Punta Christo; The venue is an epic 200-year-old fortress located near Pula, Croatia.

Pula itself has been inhabited for over 5,000 years and contains a range of historical treasures, from Neolithic era artifacts to monuments and architecture from the Roman Empire.

Beyond its rich history, stunning sights, and delicious food, the area offers an array of exciting activities for all to enjoy. Discover more below!


The main event goes for 3 days but it’s not the only opportunity in town!

Venture out to discover adrenaline-pumping activities like quad-biking, scuba diving, and DAO vs DAO paintball battles and more.

More details and dates can be found on the full schedule.

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MetaFest is a collaboration between MetaGame & MetaCartel as well as other local & global partners - join us!

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Fort Punta Christo


Warmup 11 - 15 Aug

Main event 16 - 18 Aug

Bus Trip 19 - 24 Aug

MetaFest has finished!

You can join in the post event discussion on Telegram and watch all the talks on YouTube. A gallery of photos & videos will be added to the site soon™️